Lesbos wants to announce mini-isolation due to the increase in the number of Covid-infected

Local authorities describe the situation with the pandemic in Lesvos as “extremely bad”, with about 70 cases of coronavirus confirmed every day. “We are thinking about a little isolation,” says the vice governor of an island in the eastern Aegean. Teachers and students in schools are particularly affected, with the result that many parents are […]

Isolation for the unvaccinated, closed schools and masks ubiquitous: Karavelos’ shocking statement

New African mutation Omicron, which is more infectious than the currently dominant Delta mutation, could lead to the need for tougher security measures, says the chief physician of the intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital. Speaking to SKAI reporters, Nikos Karavelos proposed tightening security measures to stop the pandemic and called for stricter measures […]

How much would a possible isolation cost in Greece and 8 other countries

UBS analysts ran a series of calculations to predict the “cost” of a possible lockdown in nine European countries, including Greece, after the measure was introduced in Austria. Such a scenario could lead to stagnation or even contraction of the eurozone economy this quarter. There will be implications for the European Central Bank, according to […]

Europeans protest against lockdown

Over the weekend, Europeans protested against the introduction of additional measures, including isolation. Large rallies and mass demonstrations have taken place in many countries, and outbreaks of violence have not been avoided. In Europe, the fourth, and in some places already the fifth, wave of the coronavirus pandemic is raging. The number of new infections […]

Coronavirus: isolation nightmare returns to Europe

Restrictive measures are being reinstated by local authorities in parts of Europe amid the outbreak of a pandemic that threatens to darken Christmas. Austria: general isolation and compulsory vaccination Austria has announced a general quarantine for the entire population, including vaccinated citizens, making it the first European country to reintroduce such a measure to stop […]

Does lockdown violate human rights

The verdict of the European Court of Human Rights states: the coronavirus lockdown does not violate the right to freedom. The court in Strasbourg was held on the claim of a Romanian citizen. Despite the fact that, as he claims, he was not infected and was not in contact with patients with coronavirus, he had […]

Lockdowns in Europe again, this time for the unvaccinated

The governments of European countries are again tightening measures against the spread of coronavirus, they concern unvaccinated citizens. WHO calls Europe the epicenter of infections, compared to the summer, now the statistics of coronavirus in some European countries reflect a 10-fold increase. Each state, based on the data of alarming daily reports, is trying to […]

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