The government does not intend to change laws because of a bunch of unvaccinated

“The government is not going to change the legislation and is not introducing general rules for dismissal,” Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis explained today, commenting on the suspension of the work of those categories of workers whose vaccination has become mandatory, and they resist vaccination.

Speaking on SKAI, Mr. Georgiadis said: “The innovation (mandatory vaccination of certain categories of workers) and the dismissal of those who refuse to get vaccinated will continue until the pandemic is over.

The current labor law defines what a private company can do in such a case. If a company wants to hire an employee, it does so. If he decides to dismiss (despite the fact that the employee questions the legitimacy of the dismissal), the parties can go to court, and the issue will be resolved in the legal field. The government is not going to change the law and introduce general rules for dismissals. There is a special clause in the current labor legislation that stipulates that a company can cite an important (special) reason for dismissal. “

With regard to civil servants (Δημόσιο), Mr. Georgiadis noted that there is no constitutional possibility of dismissal, and in this context, employees will be suspended from work without pay. Further, Mr. Georgiadis launched a furious attack on the official opposition:

“The biggest responsibility of political forces – and that is why I blame Mr. Tsipras and SYRIZA – is that at these critical moments our country is sitting” between two chairs. ” The recommendation of the current Minister of Health, based on epidemiological data and the competent opinion of the National Vaccination Committee – to apply compulsory vaccination to the category of workers or citizens, is the legislative provision that SYRIZA voted in 2018 with the Minister of Health Mr. Xanthos (during the spread of the measles epidemic in the country)”.

When asked whether this commitment should be extended to other occupational categories, Mr Georgiadis replied that “if the National Vaccine Committee makes a proposal to the Minister of Health for other sectors, we will obviously accept it.”

Georgiadis: isolation for the unvaccinated only
Regarding the spread of the Delta mutation, Mr. Georgiadis said that “we need to be well aware that if we have a pandemic outbreak, there will be problems. If some of the scientists’ shocking predictions of 15,000-20,000 cases per day are confirmed, do you think tourism will continue to thrive? ”He said sarcastically.

The minister stressed that at the moment “we are on the border of the front, and our future will depend on our behavior.” “If the pandemic gets out of hand, in addition to the obvious consequences for human health, it will have an obvious impact on the economy, even at a time when it is doing well,” he added.

Mr. Georgiadis ruled out the introduction of general isolation and stressed that if any quarantine measures are taken, they will be aimed exclusively at the unvaccinated. “The vaccinated cannot be restricted as they are not at risk,” he added.

Mr Georgiadis also responded to allegations of the church’s favorable treatment of medical compliance and vaccinations, stating that “neither retailers nor unvaccinated people are prohibited from entering churches. The notable difference between a restaurant and a church or retail is that in restaurants you take off your mask when you sit down to eat. So, if you have no symptoms, the chance of infection is 1000, ”he said.

The government spokesman further emphasized that the Church cannot apologize for any of its members who spoke out against the vaccines.

Authorities’ opinion on vaccine deniers
Mr. Georgiadis described the anti-Baktse rally as ostentatious and irrational gestures. Commenting on yesterday’s rally, the minister said that these are the same people who participated in the demonstrations in the period 2010-2011. in a referendum. “I don’t think those who spoke yesterday reflect public opinion. Undoubtedly, this is a marginal part of the political system of the electorate. Obviously, their actions were provoked by a radical political attitude, because the slogans they voiced were vulgar, ”he concluded.

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