Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus "branded" opponents of vaccination

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, speaking on the Greek television Mega TV, spoke in detail about the work of the “Foundation for Hospitality and Care for the Elderly” located in the area.

In addition, the issue of vaccination was highlighted: “All guests are vaccinated, and the staff of the institution is 98%.”

The Metropolitan condemned the rally of opponents of vaccination with shame, stressing: “They used the cross and flag against the coronavirus. People need spiritual awakening. We have about 5 million vaccinated. There were a few side effects, but on the other hand, we had 12,500 deaths. On the scales are human lives! “

Summing up his presentation, he added: “Vaccination is a breakthrough in science. There is no need to demonize him. The Holy Synod and the Archbishop personally decided to raise vaccination question“.

Let us remind you that there are also disagreements among the clergy and ranks. Some do not let the vaccinated into the temple of God, claiming that they are the Antichrists, “and even masked people, while the other half insist on immediate universal vaccination.

In general, everyone must decide for themselves this issue. And the faster the better.

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