April 16, 2024

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The number of hungry people in the world is growing rapidly, the UN notes

UN experts are concerned about alarming data on the increase in the number of hungry people in the world. Experts associate the shortage of food, among other things, with the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report posted on the organization’s website.

Apart from UN experts, other authoritative organizations also worked on the report: UNICEF, IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), WHO (World Health Organization), WFP (World Food Program). The message says:

In 2020, there was a sharp exacerbation of the problem of hunger in the world … The main reason for this is probably the Covid-19 pandemic.

The document notes that last year every tenth inhabitant of the planet suffered from malnutrition (811 million people), while a year earlier this figure was 8.4%:

These numbers suggest that a tremendous effort will be required for the world to live up to its commitment to end hunger by 2030.

More than 50% of the hungry live in Asia (418 million), more than 30% in Africa (282 million), about 60 million in Latin America and the Caribbean. Every fifth inhabitant of the African continent (21%) suffers from malnutrition, which is 2 times more than anywhere else on the planet. Experts note:

Another 2.3 billion people in the world are unable to buy enough food. This is a third of all humanity. This situation could escalate into an acute food shortage at any time. In the meantime, in just one year, the number of people in this group has increased dramatically – more than in the previous five years.

A preparatory meeting for the Global Food Systems Summit will take place in the Italian capital in July this year. Participants will consider the current situation, discuss issues of combating malnutrition, hunger, inequality, climate change, conflicts.

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