About 15,000 properties owned by “unknown owners”

The state has identified 14,484 properties that have been classified as belonging to an “unknown owner”.

They are located in 36 districts across the country where cadastral registrations were completed in 2018. The total number of registered rights to real estate objects in these territories is 199,013, of which 7.28% (ie 14,484) are designated as belonging to an “unknown owner”. There is no complete picture of who owns this property. It is estimated that eight out of ten will be transferred to the state.

Meanwhile, on some plots where cadastral records were kept, it turned out that 389,836 (5.50%) belong to an “unknown owner”.
These properties will be granted a further one-year extension until December 31, 2022 to correct inaccurate data upon first registration.

Failure to comply with this requirement will permanently deprive them of any property rights, after which the owners will be able to go to court, but only with a demand for monetary compensation, and not for the foreclosure of the property, unless the court supports this decision (return of the object instead of monetary compensation).

In addition to the aforementioned 36 territories where registration was completed in 2018, in the rest of the country, properties are designated as “unknown owner” if they are not declared by the owner by December 31, 2022. As well as other objects, if they have not been declared within eight years from the beginning of the Cadastral Service.

We will remind, as previously wrote “Russian Athens”, since 2017, the Greeks began to refuse inheritance, real estate objects burdened with debts.

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