When to return "to covid" a life?

Pre-Covid life could return as early as April 2022, University of East Anglia professor of medicine Paul Hunter made such an encouraging statement. According to him, COVID-19 is weakening, and by spring it may turn into just “another cause of a cold.” Hunter is confident that covid-positive people should be allowed to live their normal […]

Mitsotakis: "Pandemic like a chance"

The audience was shocked by the answer of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Nikos Hatzinikolaou to the question of 16,000 deaths from coronavirus last year: “2021 was worse than 2020 in terms of deaths, but stated that … “we saved tourism.” The issue of the very high death toll in 2021 was raised after the Prime Minister […]

What awaits us in 2022: what additional measures are being considered by the authorities

The authorities of the country, wishing all citizens “happy holidays” with additional measures introduced, nevertheless express concern about the Omicron mutation. In Greece, 17 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus are currently officially diagnosed. And while Megaro Maximu’s government mansion rejects the possibility of a new isolation, what is happening in Europe is […]

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