Greece: specific types of tourism

In the context of the implementation of the national strategy for the development of diving tourism, by the decision of the competent Deputy Minister of Tourism of Sofia Zakharaki, the Council (Συμβούλιο Καταδυτικού Τουρισμού) was established and its members were appointed, who took on the responsibility of studying the available data and observed trends regarding the development of a specific form of recreation.

The Council, chaired by Dimitris Markatos, informs and proposes the national diving tourism strategy, since it was first established by Law 4688/2020 of the ministry, and also proposes actions and initiatives for its implementation.

The purpose of the Council is to provide information on development diving tourism in terms of sustainability and optimal promotion of diving attractions with respect for the environment.

Competent Deputy Minister Ms Sofia Zakharaki stated: “The Ministry of Tourism is actively considering and adopting a new, sustainable model for the development of tourism in Greece. To this end, we are now strategically investing in specific forms of tourism, taking advantage of the comparative advantages we have as a country.

We can rightfully claim that Greece has become one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. With vision, methods and a systematic approach, we begin all the necessary actions to adopt and implement a national strategy. This marks the beginning of a major national effort to harness the myriad diving tourism opportunities offered in our country, which are further strengthened by investments already launched and included in the National Tourism Recovery Plan in infrastructure projects and specialist training programs. ”

The systematic development and promotion of diving tourism and other specific forms of tourism are strategic priorities of the Ministry of Tourism, both in efforts to rebuild the national tourism industry after the pandemic and in the context of protecting its sustainability, adopting a new tourism model and developing a national tourism product.

The Council’s work is complemented by targeted projects to promote nautical tourism, in particular, to modernize or create new diving centers and related training of the country’s human resources, which will be funded from the Recovery Fund (Ταμείο Ανάκαμψης).

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