Attention! Changes for KEA recipients

Changes have been made to Minimum Guaranteed Income (formerly KEA) as recipients join OAED training programs.

In particular, EEE beneficiaries (Ελάχιστο Εγγυημένο Εισόδημα – πρώην ΚΕΑ) who applied in July will automatically join the training programs until the end of August. From June 1, the integration of the recipients of the minimum guaranteed income into the labor market and other activities related to the provision of social services and goods began.

The new plan envisages, in addition to financial support, which is the first and main element, the provision of additional social services and goods (second component), as well as the referral of beneficiaries and integration into the labor market through the OAED (third component).

The accession actions are addressed to EEE beneficiaries who are registered unemployed between the ages of 20 and 60 and who, if invited, are required to participate.

The universal implementation of program actions includes:

Firstly, informing the beneficiaries of EEE about the so-called “second level services” in the context of a meeting in the social service of the municipality or in a community center. Competent specialists are called upon to make a needs assessment and involve a person in social programs that meet the special needs of a person / household, for example: to establish their living conditions (need for this benefit), psychosocial support services, legal assistance, specialized services for children, people with disabilities, etc. etc.

Secondly, the creation of an individual action plan, which will be prepared after the interview with the beneficiary by the OAED employment consultant. After preparation for training (ΑΣΔ), the beneficiary will potentially be able to refer to the passage of existing training / employment activities.

The deadline for fulfilling the obligation is until the end of the month following the month of approval of the application. For example, for an application approved during June 2021, the deadline is July 31, 2021.

The recipients’ responses will be monitored through the monthly checks made to issue the payment.

In particular, a new control has been added for the preparation of an individual action plan, and the fulfillment of the obligation to fulfill it is monitored. If at the end of the next month, after the call for training, it is not completed, the application to IDIKA may be withdrawn.

Beneficiaries can re-apply next month after fulfilling their obligations to cooperate with OAED for training courses (ΑΣΔ).

Nowhere is it stated whether you will need to be vaccinated in order to enroll in courses, after which the grant will be approved. That is the question.

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