Prime Minister of Greece: "Social media is dangerous to democracy"

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said social media is dangerous to democracy and, citing “the intensity and manner of criticism,” added that social media “highlighted toxicity.”

A few months ago, he made the same argument in parliament.

Sunday in an interview kathimerini Mitsotakis said social media is a problem in democracies.

“The truth is that social media ultimately allows us to connect with people who believe in the same things we do. Because it ultimately brings profit to the owners of these networks. Their algorithms are built this way. This creates the phenomenon of echo rooms, where, in fact, we only hear the views that match ours, ”he said.

He added: “This is a key issue in democracy, which I believe should be of general concern in public debate, as well as how we listen to different points of view, and how we can discuss polite, dissenting, perhaps decisive, but not insults, no extremes, no harassment and “murder” of users, which, unfortunately, has now become the norm. And this is a problem of democracy. “

Editor’s Note: The Prime Minister had better deal with the real problems of the country and refrain from trying to censor anyway overregulated to the limit of social media. And this is especially true for a country where mainstream media are subsidized by the governmentto praise him from morning until late at night, and level of freedom of speech (70th place) one of the lowest among the EU countries.

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