The European Commission sent inspectors because of problems with freedom of speech in Greece

In connection with the recent fall Greece by 38 positions compared to last year in the world press freedom rankings (Greece is now ranked 108th out of 180 countries and last among European countries in the corresponding Reporters Without Borders list for 2022), and accusations of spying on journalists (the Koukaki case and the Predator […]

“Freedom of speech is not a reason to circumvent sanctions”

Regarding Lavrov’s scandalous interview, EC spokesman Johannes Barke said: “The media cannot invoke freedom of speech in order to circumvent sanctions.” Disturbance about the words Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s talk about Hitler’s “Jewish roots” continues, and not only because of the content of his conversation with Italian journalists. An indignant reaction followed the very […]

Freedom of speech in an advanced democracy

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental freedoms in democratic societies. Without her, there is simply no way. It is protected by laws and the authorities of democratic countries carefully monitor that this freedom is not violated by anyone. And yet, in civilized societies there is another value – the inviolability of business. They […]

Freedom of speech on the Internet – assessed in different countries

Which country does not respect freedom of opinion, and where you can say whatever you want – Freedom House assessed this indicator in its report. The American nongovernmental organization took into account restrictions on access to the network and the presence of pro-government “trolls” who try to manipulate discussions on the Internet. While noting the […]

Prime Minister of Greece: "Social media is dangerous to democracy"

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said social media is dangerous to democracy and, citing “the intensity and manner of criticism,” added that social media “highlighted toxicity.” A few months ago, he made the same argument in parliament. Sunday in an interview kathimerini Mitsotakis said social media is a problem in democracies. “The truth is that […]

Reuters Report: Greek media are unreliable and dependent on the authorities

The media market in Greece is characterized by digital fragmentation, lack of trust in news, politically polarized press and dependence on the government, according to Reuters’ annual report Digital News Report 2021. Long-standing political polarization in Greece is reflected again in its media landscape in 2020. The pandemic has also had a major impact on […]

High-quality journalistic work cannot be free, otherwise it becomes dependent on the authorities or the oligarchs.
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