Unvaccinated: 99% intubated and deceased aged 60-80

“The decline in cases seen in recent weeks has now stalled,” government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni said, referring to the epidemiological situation and vaccinations in Greece.

“The emergence of the D mutation, which is expected to prevail in Europe in the coming weeks, is a matter of concern. However, it is extremely important that the effectiveness of integrated vaccinations against the new strain is extremely high,” the expert said.

“In this context, in accordance with the recommendation of the committee on infectious diseases, the movement of adults to the islands from today will be carried out only if there is evidence of vaccination or illness, or a negative PCR result in the last 72 hours, or a negative rapid test in the last 48 hours. The exceptions are Evia, Lefkada and Salamina. The exception also applies to those who travel daily between different island regional units for work purposes, including ferries connecting the mainland with nearby islands, ”said Ms Peloni.

The specialist emphasizes that “an effective response to new mutation only vaccination is, because scientists and statistics confirm that those who are vaccinated are safe and those who are not vaccinated are at risk. The only solution to prevent outbreaks and new mutations is vaccination. ” Ms Peloni cited the evidence “in favor of vaccines”:

Over the past three months, in the age group 60-80 years old, patients in need of ventilators made up 99.08% (unvaccinated). In the same age group, of all deaths in the past three months, 99.02% have not been vaccinated.

The message is clear: the vaccine saves lives. More than 8,700,000 vaccinations have already been given. Almost 5 million people in Greece have been vaccinated with at least one dose, and more than 3,960,000 citizens have completed vaccinations. “It’s time for everyone to take responsibility,” said Ms Peloni.

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