Fines in the amount of 56,700 euros for violation of the sanitary protocol

Compliance audits continue at an unrelenting pace. This time, fines in the amount of 59,700 euros were levied for violations. In addition to this, the work of two companies was suspended.

Yesterday, July 3, 97,368 inspections were carried out by the competent audit services (EL.AS, Coast Guard, EAD, DIMEA, SEPE, Regional and Municipal Police), while 47 cases of violation of sanitary protocol measures were recorded.

According to the National Office (Εθνική Αρχή Διαφάνειας), fines of € 59,700 were imposed and two companies were forced to suspend their operations for fifteen days. The Greek police carried out the bulk of the checks (95,562).

The main violations were non-use of a mask indoors and non-compliance with distance, suspension of special industry operating rules and sanitary protocol when entering the country.

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