Fines in the amount of 56,700 euros for violation of the sanitary protocol

Compliance audits continue at an unrelenting pace. This time, fines in the amount of 59,700 euros were levied for violations. In addition to this, the work of two companies was suspended. Yesterday, July 3, 97,368 inspections were carried out by the competent audit services (EL.AS, Coast Guard, EAD, DIMEA, SEPE, Regional and Municipal Police), while […]

Opening up spheres of the economy is not a reason for complacency

The Greek government and experts are concerned about the picture of a sharp weakening of the compliance with the measures of protection against coronavirus by citizens, starting on Friday, when the quarantine was lifted. “The opening up of economic spheres is not yet a matter of complacency,” government officials say, adding that citizens need to […]

Checks and fines: the police are on guard for the health of citizens

Greece’s police services are conducting intensive checks across the country to take measures to prevent and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday, Thursday, May 6, 85,404 checks were carried out across the country, of which 12,241 were at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens. 589 violations were confirmed, 5 arrests were made, 414 […]

Road checks: 217 vehicles returned in the last 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, 13,633 vehicles have passed through the Elefsina pass and 17,567 vehicles have passed through Afidnes. “Citizens should be aware that in connection with the onset of Easter, intensified inspections are being carried out around the clock at points of exit from the city, which will continue throughout Holy Week. All […]

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