"Stop" mandatory mask wearing at airports and on flights from 16 May

The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are recommending a relaxation of almost one of the remaining measures to combat coronavirus – wearing masks at airports and in flight. Both bodies stressed in a joint statement last Wednesday that rescind the mandatory mask recommendation, noting, however, […]

Elon Musk bought Twitter

Elon Musk acquired Twitter Inc. (TWTR.N) for $44 billion on Monday, in a deal that will transfer control of the most popular social media platform used by millions of users and celebrities around the world to the world’s richest man. The news was confirmed ahead of its official announcement by another Twitter board member, who […]

Expert plan for safe flying is ready

Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the expert commission, which will finally approve the plan for a coronavirus-free summer. What did the experts decide, and what measures will be canceled? Once again about the fourth dose. We are all tired of the pandemic, and the government promises that with slow but sure steps, guided […]

Coronovirus: about new mutations and masks

Matina Pagoni, head of ΕΙΝΑΠ, does not rule out the emergence of a new mutation of the coronavirus, and Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, does not promise a quick parting with masks. Ms Pagoni says: “The virus will not disappear, it will be here. Other sub-options may appear, no one […]

Romania: fine for … wearing a mask

Starting today, Romania is imposing a fine of $ 570 for wearing a cloth mask. Amid the rapid spread of the omicron strain, Romanian Interior Minister Lucian Bode told Digi 24 that a textile mask is not a reliable means of protection against it, and a $ 570 fine will be imposed for its use: […]

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