Unscrupulous doctors – how to avoid unnecessary expenses

Sometimes, referring to a doctor about a not too serious ailment, a patient hears a diagnosis frightening by its incomprehensibility and receives referrals for a lot of expensive examinations. The specialist spoke about the possible tricks of unscrupulous doctors, she is quoted RIA News

It is easy to mislead ignorant people, especially hypochondriacs and the elderly, says Alevtina Fedina, medical director at Checkme:

“This happens most often in private clinics, since in public institutions it is not so important for doctors how many examinations a patient undergoes. Moreover, public sector doctors can be fined by an insurance company if they provide insufficient arguments for examining a patient. In private clinics, however, such tricks are only welcome : add an additional, but completely unnecessary ECG there, here to pass tests that are not of great value, but for which you have to pay extra. “

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? At the same time, it is difficult for older people to understand that such actions are just the desire of a private specialist to earn more money. A frightening diagnosis and its possible consequences do not allow the patient to neglect unnecessary analyzes, for each of which you will have to pay a certain amount.

And there is a solution, Fedina convinces. In order not to become a victim of an unscrupulous doctor, you just need to contact another specialist and get a second opinion about your condition in order to confirm or refute the diagnosis announced by the first doctor. However, there can be no compelling recommendations, everyone must make a decision on their own. After all, it cannot be argued that all doctors are governed by greed?

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