The fan can become dangerous

Experts warn that in extreme heat the fan can pose a health hazard.

Yulia Kochanova, therapist of the Federal Research Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, talked with representatives of the “Doctor Peter” publication. It was about how to protect yourself from the heat in an apartment or house. The doctor warned that if the air temperature in the room exceeds 30 ° C, the warm air masses moved by the fan can cause dehydration and heat exhaustion in the inhabitants of the apartment.

Symptoms of this condition are similar to those of heatstroke – weakness, thirst, nausea and vomiting, headache. In addition, the rotation of the fan blades lifts dust into the air and moves it in space, which can cause allergies or even an asthma attack. In addition, the air becomes excessively dry, provoking thirst and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes. In order to prevent such manifestations, Yulia Kochanova recommends refreshing yourself more often in the shower and drinking more water.

Ekaterina Romanova, an occupational pathologist, also gave some useful advice. They concern the correct use of the air conditioner in the heat:

the temperature difference inside and outside the room should be approximately 7 degrees; ventilate the room before turning on the air conditioner; do not allow direct contact of cold air from the device to a person; Clean the air conditioner regularly as it is a habitat for bacteria and dust. With air currents, all this enters the apartment, causing negative consequences.

However, even in the absence of an air conditioner the microclimate in the house can be made more comfortable using the recommendations of experts.

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