No air conditioning? 5 ways to cool an apartment in the heat

Even in the absence of an air conditioner, the microclimate in the house can be made more comfortable. The expert gives recommendations for cooling the apartment in the summer heat.

In an interview Russian newspaper Sibling CEO Shklyar calls out simple ways to escape the heat without using expensive equipment.

First of all, this is proper ventilation. The ideal time for an open window is from 9 pm to 7-8 am. Allowing the night coolness, during the day you should close the windows and draw up blackout curtains so that the sun and heat do not warm up the room. As an option – a sun-protection film on the glass.

A regular fan will become much more efficient if you place a container of ice or bottles of chilled water in front of it – chilled air will help reduce the temperature in the room. If the fan is ceiling mounted, then you should read the instructions and set a special summer mode (many devices have it).

A wet terry towel hanging in front of an open window increases the humidity in the room and creates coolness. You can simply place it on the windowsill.

The refrigerator saves not only food from the heat. Place a pillow and bedding in it before bed, for only 15 minutes, and then relax in a pleasantly cool bed. And do not forget to turn off unnecessary electrical appliances, even in standby mode they heat up the air. By the way, by changing ordinary lamps to LED lamps, you can remove another source of air heating.

But carpets and rugs should be abandoned in the summer, since they do not allow the heated room to cool down. Worse if you choose carpet when decorating your home. If the floor is tiled or mosaic, often wipe it with ice water – the house will be both clean and cool.

Despite the apparent simplicity, each of these methods is effective. Especially if you use them in combination. Try it!

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