Macron and Merkel criticize Greece for Sputnik V

The leaders of the two European powers, Merkel and Macron, criticized Greece for recognizing the Russian vaccine as effective enough and for accepting tourists vaccinated with this drug.

The heads of Germany and France consider the Chinese “Koronavac” and the Russian “Sputnik V” less effective than drugs approved for use in the European Union, Bloomberg reported on Friday. They criticize Greece and other countries, whose economies are too dependent on tourism, for receiving citizens vaccinated with “less effective Chinese and Russian vaccines”.

The topic was raised in Brussels, at the EU leaders’ summit, and was discussed behind closed doors. Angela Merkel said that Sputnik V is not approved by the bloc, moreover, it is still completely unclear whether it can protect against Delta option – more contagious and dangerous. Experts state that Delta is not only more infectious than others, but also causes symptoms that are not inherent in other strains of the coronavirus. Patients are observed: severe gastric disturbances, hearing impairment, resulting in gangrene, the formation of blood clots.

According to two sources in official circles and familiar with the conversation, the German Chancellor said that tourists vaccinated with these vaccines can move freely within the zone free of EU borders.

French President Macron backed Merkel and they discussed a potential general travel ban from countries where Delta is common, citing the UK situation. There, as you know, the spread of the Indian version led to prolongation of restrictive measures until mid-July. Greece and Cyprus have canceled quarantine for tourists vaccinated with Russian vaccines Sputnik and Sinopharm (China).

European leaders agreed that vaccinations should be accelerated and that EU borders should be opened carefully and in a coordinated manner. The early adoption of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate and its coordinated implementation by all Member States was discussed.

In May, the Greek authorities announced the opening of the borders for tourists vaccinated with the Russian vaccine. The prime minister of the country stressed that Greece considers it effective and safe. However, today the Italian prime minister admitted that the Russian and Chinese vaccines, Sputnik V and Koronavak, will never be approved in Europe.

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