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Speeding and alcohol: the top two causes of road accidents

In the territorial jurisdiction of the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, 25 road traffic accidents occurred in May 2021, compared to 19 in the corresponding month of 2020.

In particular, the following was noted:

4 fatal accidents, the same number in 2020. there are no major car accidents, up from 4 in 2020. 21 minor road accidents, up from 11 in 2020.

Road traffic accidents in urban and rural areas of Ημαθίας, Κιλκίς, Πέλλας, Πιερίας, Σερρών and Χαλκιδικής were 32, compared with 22 in the corresponding month of 2020.

In particular:

4 people died, the same number in 2020. no serious injuries, up from 4 in 2020. 28 suffered minor injuries, up from 14 in 2020.

The main causes of road traffic accidents identified by the police investigation were:

Over speed. Drunk driving. Driver’s carelessness. Not wearing seat belts / driving without a helmet. Driving in the opposite lane. Using a mobile phone while driving. Violation of road signs.

Actions taken to control traffic

The traffic police services of the Central Macedonian Regional Police Directorate are on constant vigilance with the implementation of a specific road safety plan.

As part of inspections in May 2021, 12,193 violations were confirmed:

5,948 speed violations, 5,024 violations of the right to drive commercial vehicles, 322 violations for not wearing a seat belt, 206 violations under KTEO, 194 violations for drunk driving, 179 violations for not using a protective helmet, 85 violations for overtaking, 82 violations for driving in the opposite direction lane, 70 violations for illegal maneuvering, 36 violations for driving at a red traffic light, 17 violations for violation of traffic priority, 14 violations for not using child seats, 16 other violations. …

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