Details of the double murder in Kerkyra

The double murder, committed Sunday morning by a 67-year-old criminal who shot and killed the owner of a neighboring house and her partner, caused a storm of indignation in the local community of Corfu (Kerkyra).

The perpetrator, according to the available information, summoned his victims to the scene of the murder because of a disagreement, and after the crime committed suicide.

It all happened shortly after 11:30 on Sunday morning in Dassia, on the island of Corfu. According to local residents, the 67-year-old man first shot at his 63-year-old neighbor, and then at the 60-year-old owner of the house with a carbine. The first died instantly, and the second was taken to a hospital in Crete, where she died after a while.

At this time, the offender locked himself in the house, and soon another shot rang out. When the police broke into him, he was already dead – committed suicide.

Reasons for the double murder in Corfu
The authorities are trying to establish the reasons why the elderly man grabbed the gun.

According to available information, the perpetrator often clashed with the couple, as he did not formally pay the rent, and a neighbor allowed him to live here in exchange for tending the garden. The same information says that the owner of the house intended to evict him.

However, he reportedly had a confrontation with her roommate over the flower beds he tended in the apartment complex. The aforementioned reasons seem to have driven the man “to white heat,” and he grabbed his gun. Corfu forensic scientist Ioannis Ayvatidis said he shot the couple almost on the spot.

‚ÄúThis is a double murder. A carbine was used, and then, as evidence shows, the perpetrator committed suicide. All injuries were contact, shots were fired from very close range. A double murder was committed, followed by suicide. The victims of the murder received head injuries. and the perpetrator – a contact wound in the chest, “- said the medical examiner.

According to him, “at least one shot was fired at each victim, and, most likely, one of the victims received the second.”

It is noted that the landlord was a teacher and had a child, and the second victim, a man who rented a house in the same residential complex as the offender, from time to time lived and worked in France, where he met a Greek woman, a resident of Corfu.

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