The flow of illegal migrants is growing

The flow of migrants on the border of Evros is constantly growing. Over the past few hours, 7 illegal carriers and 24 migrants have been arrested.

Migrant flows in Evros are on the rise, as evidenced by the report of the Eastern Macedonian Police Department in Thrace. According to him, within a few hours, 7 traffickers were detained, who on five different occasions tried to transport 24 migrants.

In the first case, yesterday at noon, in the Xanthi prefecture, Rhodope police officers arrested a foreigner, a carrier of illegal immigrants, who was driving a car, in the cabin of which 6 migrants were found.

It is noted that the vehicle did not obey the police signal to stop on the old national road Komotini-Xanthi and only picked up speed to avoid arrest. However, a little later, the car was stopped in the neighboring rural area of ​​Xanthi, as a result of which three passengers were injured and ended up in a local hospital. The perpetrator, a trafficker, was reportedly stripped of his driver’s license.

In the second case, last night, on the provincial road Βέννας-Φύλακα Ροδόπης, police officers detained a foreigner driving a car, in the cabin of which there were 2 illegal immigrants intending to penetrate into the interior of the country.

It is noted that the offender did not stop at the police signal “stop” and developed speed, making dangerous maneuvers. At the same time, when the vehicle stopped, he tried to escape on foot, but was detained by the police (including resisting the authorities).

In addition, a police investigation showed that the car carrying illegal immigrants was listed in theft.

In the third case, yesterday at noon, in the village of Kavala, officers of the Immigration Office arrested the driver of a car carrying 7 illegal immigrants. The ensuing police investigation revealed that the car was stolen on 28 May 2021 in Thessaloniki.

In the fourth case, yesterday afternoon, on the Egnatia Kavala-Thessaloniki road, immigration officers signaled to the local driver of the IXE car to stop, but he did not obey, accelerated and continued on his course.

The car eventually came to a stop on the Old National Road Kavala-Amphipolis and the driver tried to escape on foot but was unsuccessful as he was arrested by the police. The migrant carrier was carrying 3 people.

In the fifth case, yesterday at noon near the village of Evros, police officers from the Orestiada Border Directorate found three foreign migrant carriers traveling in two cars. The police immediately arrested the “human traffickers” (also called illegal carriers), as it was found that they were illegally transporting six migrants inland.

It is noted that the driver of a vehicle transporting illegal immigrants did not have a driver’s license (!).

Six (6) cars, mobile phones and some money were confiscated.

Those arrested will be brought before competent prosecutors, and preliminary investigations in five cases are being carried out by the border services of Iasmos, Sapes, Orestiada and the Kavala Immigration Department.

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