July 14, 2024

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Expert: “It won’t be so easy to get rid of the mask”

Alquiviades Vatopoulos, professor of microbiology and member of the Committee of Specialists in Epidemiologists, spoke about the measures to protect against the virus and the fear of vaccination.

“You shouldn’t rush to get rid of the mask, as it is a very useful self-defense tool. Gradually, of course, masks will be phased out, but for now, let’s be patient, ”Mr Vatopoulos said pointedly, noting that when the time comes, instructions will be given not to use the mask between vaccinated and outdoors.

Herd immunity may appear as early as summer
As for the side effects of vaccination, he noted that mortality and morbidity from coronavirus in any case is still there, but not all deaths should be automatically attributed to vaccination. “There are 100,000 vaccinations every day and 300 people die from various causes. Someone will still have a heart attack, ”the professor noted.

Around the middle of summer, it is possible that “collective immunity” will be created in our country. At the same time, the expert added that the number of vaccinations may increase, but this is a technical issue related to the availability of doses and the number of people vaccinated.

Early to discuss vaccination of children over 12 years of age
Regarding the vaccination of minors over 12 years old, he stressed that this will happen gradually, but it is still too early to discuss in Greece. “Let first (vaccination) be completed in adults, then we’ll see,” said Mr. Vatopoulos and added that one should not be afraid of the vaccine.

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