“Unsweetened” life and untimely death of 11-year-old Joanna

The deceased 11-year-old Ioanna was buried, and EL.AS. continues to search for the missing phone and jacket of the girl who has so unfairly lost her life. In the course of the investigation, her death raises more and more questions.

According to the latest reports, Joanna left home that evening after a quarrel with her mother. After that, as recorded by CCTV cameras, she walked with a bag from a supermarket, where shrimp and soft drinks were lying, and then fell from a great height, presumably without the intervention of unauthorized persons. The forensic report says that the girl was found to have serious leg fractures, that is, she fell into the abyss vertically (with her feet down), completely controlling her fall.

The girl’s instant death occurred at 10-12 pm; severe head injuries left her no chance of survival. The mother who reported missing daughter to the police only 15 hours later, she referred on Greek TV to difficult family circumstances (although it is not clear how they could affect the degree of concern about the disappearance of the baby and the desire to find her. Author’s note).

The woman complained about her ex-husband, whom she divorced in 2017, Joanna’s father. Two years ago, he was indicted and sentenced to 11 months in prison for beating a teacher in Crete. The incident greatly influenced John, who changed her school because of this. The mother says about her further relationship with her father: “She did not want to see him, she was afraid of him and did not want to talk to him on the phone.” Answering the question about the situation in the family, the woman says:

“Joanna was still a baby when the problems started at home. The kids were a tool to hurt me, to hit me. I started a family, I could not break it up so easily, because I wanted a family, I wanted children. There was alcohol, there were financial problems, I think that this person also had psychological problems. “

Have the deceased John there was no carefree childhood. She was the eldest of three siblings in the family and had to live in such an environment and at the same time support her mother and siblings. According to the mother, everyone knew about the situation – both the residents of the area and the police, where she complained. Law enforcers detained the man, released him the next day, and everything went on in a vicious circle again.

Those familiar with the situation in the girl’s family say that Joanna grew up prematurely, she had many responsibilities unusual for her age. People say: Instead of a carefree childhood, her innocent soul was “poisoned” by the frequent quarrels of her parents and threats from her own father.

Now the police continue to search for the girl’s light jacket and phone, who disappeared from the scene of the tragedy. Only headphones remained next to the body. The phone was turned off, probably due to a dead battery, an hour and a half before the fatal fall from the cliff. “But if the kidnapper tries to activate it with a new SIM card, it will be immediately fixed,” says the report of the head of ELAS, which monitors development of the case, informs the publication “Vima”.

Relatives and neighbors are asking law enforcement officers to continue their investigation in order to get answers to all questions about the untimely death of the baby. And at the same time, everyone, as one, asks the main one: why did her own mother announce the disappearance of Joanna so late – only 15 hours later. The investigation continues, all possible versions are being considered.

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