Suspect in the theft of a Patek Philippe watch worth 103 thousand euros detained

A businessman was robbed in Mykonos, criminals stole a watch worth more than 100,000 euros from him.

The incident took place on Thursday evening in the central part of the island. The businessman was attacked by two people who spoke French. According to MEGA, one of them punched him in the face, and the accomplice took off an expensive Patek Philippe watch, worth 103 thousand euros. The scene was performed masterfully and lasted only a few minutes. And after receiving the “booty” the criminals immediately disappeared.

The victim immediately turned to the authorities, who arrested a French-speaking man, allegedly an accomplice of the criminals. The man is expected to be brought before the prosecutor Fr. Syros, however, he himself, through his lawyer, declares his innocence.

What the arrested person’s lawyer claims

“My client was arrested in the port of Mykonos when he was about to return from vacation. Judging by the testimony of the victim and his wife, he appeared at the crime scene, but has nothing to do with the crime, ”said Konstantinos Dokimakis.

Recall that the victim told the police that a certain stranger (very fat, weighing more than 100 kg) greeted him, as it were, and he waved his hand back. Then two unknown persons pounced on him and took an expensive watch from his hand.

“My client is abnormally obese, which makes him recognizable, even if someone sees him for the first time,” said the lawyer for the accused. “Italians committed similar incidents last year. The difference between them and the Franco-Algerians is that they resort to violence. The French Algerians steal the watch. My client is accused of possession of stolen goods. However, those who stole the Patek Philippe were not arrested and, according to the police, immediately left the island. The stolen goods were not found, ”concluded the suspect’s lawyer.

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