Expert: we will wear masks in 2022

Anthony Fauci expressed his opinion that perhaps Americans will have to wear a mask in 2022 to protect themselves from the coronavirus, while the death toll in the United States is approaching 500,000.

To date, the United States has reported 498,384 coronavirus deaths and 28,114,570 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. According to Johns Hopkins University, India is the second most deadly country (10,991,651), and Brazil is the third (235,977).

On the occasion of Joe Biden’s announcement that the country will return to normal life by the end of the year, CNN was asked by Anthony Fauci if he agreed with this point of view and if he considered it necessary to use a mask in 2022.

“I think it will be that way,” he said of masks in 2022, adding, “It depends on what we mean by the norm.”

“Obviously, we will have significant progress by the end of the year – in the fall and winter. I agree with the president, although it may not be quite the same as in November 2019, but everything will be much better than now, ”said Biden’s chief physician.

When asked why he believes that the use of a mask will probably also be necessary in 2022, he explained: “I want this level to drop to such a low level that there is practically no threat of contact with an infected person. If we combine vaccination against most viruses and the very low level of covid in society, then we can say that the mask is not needed. “

However, Fauci stressed that if the epidemiological level returns to what was recorded a few months ago, with 20,000 cases per day, “it will be much better than before, but the level of the virus in the community is still very high. I want it to be much lower and the vast majority of citizens to be vaccinated. Then I can say with confidence that we no longer need a mask. “

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