Belarus: opposition calls for demonstrations on Victory Day

Pavel Latushko, one of the leading Belarusian opposition figures, former Minister of Culture of Belarus, ex-Ambassador of Belarus to France, Spain, Poland and Portugal, is calling for a mass demonstration on Victory Day.

The ex-diplomat told German journalists about the planning of new protests on May 9, Deutsche Welle informs:

“Through social networks, I will call on Belarusians to take to the streets. If Lukashenka allows the protesters to be beaten on May 9, he will go down in Belarusian history as a fascist. took place on August 9, 2020, with the violence that the regime is exercising against Belarusians today. It is also very important for us to give a signal to the world community that Belarusians do not agree with the regime that exists in our country today. “

When asked by the journalists of the publication about fascism in Belarus, Latushko noted the president’s constant admiration for the “order” created by Adolf Hitler. This is also manifested in the brutal persecution of the opposition. According to him, a special group was formed in Belarus to track members of the democratic movement abroad and eliminate them:

“We are witnessing terror in Europe in the 21st century. But someday there will be a second trial of war criminals, like in 1945 in Nuremberg, I am sure of that.”

Latushko called the persecutions of the Belarusian opposition “the worst in Europe over the past 40 years. Repressions have penetrated all layers of society.” He said that now the Belarusian parliament is developing a law that will give permission to the security forces to shoot at demonstrators without warning. The ex-diplomat noted the important role of Western Europe in the current events:

“Today, a free Europe must pass a test that will show to what extent it is ready to defend such fundamental values ​​as democracy and freedom. It is time to finally start acting if Europe does not want to share the responsibility for the terrible fate of thousands of innocent people.” …

After the initially massive protest actions that began in Belarus after the presidential elections on August 9, 2020 and the announcement of their results, recent protests have been local in nature. This was facilitated by the brutal repression of the opposition, the isolation in the imprisonment of their leaders, as well as the forced departure of the leaders of the protest movement from the country.

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