Mitsotakis names critics "family baskets" "caviar left"which angered the opposition

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sparked outrage from the opposition when he called those who criticize the “family basket” supposedly lowering food prices “caviar leftists” and “champagne socialists.” During his visit to Achaia, Peloponnese, on Tuesday, Mitsotakis defended in his speech the “family basket” stating that she is “already lowering food prices” in supermarkets. He […]

Opposition: "They rented used buses for 120,000 euros instead of buying new ones for 200,000 euros"

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Head of Infrastructure and Transportation Nikos Pappas made a scandalous statement exposing the contracts OASA for renting buses through leasing. He stressed in his statement: “Mitsotakis-Karamanlis rented used buses for 120,000 euros instead of buying new ones for 200,000. With buses, in addition to their overcrowding, lawlessness and unconstitutionality, we also have a […]

Greece: united opposition demands cleansing from ruling party

The opposition forces of the country united in order to achieve a catharsis of the Mitsotakis government. PASOK demanded that Kyriakos Mitsotakis testify as a witness. SYRIZA and PASOK-KINAL demand that Gregory Dimitriadis, George Gerapetritis and Kyriakos Pyrrakakis, as well as Kostas Tsiaras and Panagiotis Pikrammenou be summoned to court. This statement was reportedly supported […]

Varoufakis: My cell phone has been monitored since 2015

“Your premiership is over,” said the leader of the MeRA 25 party, Janis Varoufakis, speaking at the podium of the parliament and addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during the preliminary debate on the case of shadowing the opposition. “I’m not evaluating a re-election project, I’m describing a specific situation,” Varoufakis continued. Wishing to raise the […]

Androulakis: "I ask you to immediately announce the reason for the surveillance of me by ΕΥΠ"

The president of the third most influential political party in Greece, PASOK – KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, in a statement after Mitsotakis’s speech, asks to immediately make public the reason for the surveillance of him by the National Intelligence Service (ΕΥΠ). Full text of the statement: “With today’s announcement, the Prime Minister once again attempted to […]

Greece on fire: Mitsotakis names critics "firefighters on sun loungers"which provoked outrage

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called “firefighters in lounge chairs” those who criticize the government over the wildfires that have occurred over the past two weeks. The prime minister’s statement provoked outrage on social media and a sharp reaction from the communist party KKE and the main opposition party SYRIZA. Speaking at the start of Thursday’s […]

Greek Defense Minister Angry "plums" information on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

The Greek edition, which is considered to be close to the Greek Ministry of Defense, said that Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos is extremely annoyed for the “leaks” of information about the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, which he “attributed” to the military. Information about what weapons Greece sent to Ukraine was everywhere and even […]

Turkish opposition calls Erdogan “big liar”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced free vaccination in the country, while European citizens pay a respectable price for vaccinations. Speaking at a rally of the Justice and Development Party, the Turkish president stressed that vaccination rates in Europe are high, but he does not intend to charge his citizens for vaccinations: “Have we got […]