Spain: Ukrainian shooter from Maidan detained

At the request of Ukraine, a participant in the Euromaidan was detained in Spain, who is suspected of killing police officers. The Spanish police do not name his name, but, apparently, it is Dmitry Lipovoy, reports.

Lipovoy was a member of the “Parasyuk group,” and he is the only member of the group put on the wanted list by Ukraine. Members of the group used weapons on February 20, 2014 to shoot internal troops in order to exacerbate the situation, provoke violence and forcefully overthrow the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. A bullet from Dmitry Lipovoy killed Nikolai Simisyuk from Berkutov. According to the investigation, it was from his carbine that several more law enforcement officers were killed by Parasyuk’s shooters.

Covering the details of the operation, the Spanish police announced the arrest on May 5 of a Ukrainian who is wanted by the authorities of his country for the murder of two policemen. It is indicated that the incident took place in 2013, during a demonstration. Perhaps the Spanish law enforcement officers confused the date, since that year there were no executions on the Maidan yet. The police report states that when committing the crime, the detainee used a rifle and had 60 rounds of ammunition with him.

Knowing that he was wanted, the detained Ukrainian constantly changed his place of residence in Spain. The last, where he was detained, was a hut on the outskirts of Puzol, a Spanish provincial town. Law enforcement officers began to search for him a year ago, and the Spanish embassy in Kiev reported about his alleged place of residence in Pusoli.

During the observation of a Ukrainian hiding in Spain, it was established that he actively moves around the country using public transport, both within the borders of Catalonia and visiting the capital. In doing so, he used conspiratorial techniques. For example, in Pusoli I rented several apartments, changing my place of residence. He was arrested when he left the hunting lodge, his last refuge, and was about to visit a nearby cafe.

Judging by the fact that of all the murders on the Maidan, only Dmitry Lipovoy has been on the wanted list since 2018, it was he who was detained. He is charged with encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer (Article 348), and the charge under this article falls under the amnesty announced for the participants in the 2013-2014 protests.

The publication has already conducted its own investigation into the “Parasyuk group”, consisting of 34 people, which was related to the murders of law enforcement officers on the Maidan. According to information found during the investigation, members of the group opened fire in order to provoke retaliatory actions by the police. Many people died as a result of the shooting from both sides.

Nobody from “Parasyuk’s list” is persecuted on Maidan affairs. True, in 2018, the suspicion was handed over to Ivan Bubenchik from Lviv, who confessed to the murder of two officers. However, in connection with the protests of the Maidan veterans, his article was changed, and he fell under the amnesty. The second suspect in this case was Dmitry Lipovoy, who at that time, after interrogation in January, was in Poland.

During a conversation with investigators, he said that he had indeed taken part in the protests starting from December 1, 2013, and provided the weapon with which he was on the Maidan (the Saiga carbine), while not specifying who exactly fired it at the law enforcers … Lipovoy told under the protocol:

“On the morning of February 20, 2014, I saw some people with weapons appeared on the balcony of the conservatory building and were taking active actions against the police officers. One was a hunting rifle. And the second was an air gun. They were shooting at the police. which surpasses what these people had, I decided to offer my help. “

For this, according to him, he gave his weapon, from which the aforementioned Ivan Bubenchik and Zinovy ​​Parasyuk, the father of the former people’s deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, subsequently fired. In this case, the first, according to him, shot all available cartridges.

Exactly six days after this interrogation, Lipovoy left Ukraine and was immediately put on the wanted list. From the status of a suspect, apparently, he smoothly moved to the status of an inconvenient witness. They began to actively search for him only a year ago and, apparently, were found and arrested. That there is only one coincidence that confirms this: in May last year, the Pechersky Court in Kiev decided to arrest Lipovoy, and the Spanish police then received an orientation towards him. But why?

The article imputed to him gives Lipovoy the right to amnesty. In addition, the search for him, for the time being, was carried out purely formally – his activities over the past years are reflected in public registers and it would not have been difficult to find him, if desired. However, all this applies to 2019. But later Lipovoy left for Spain and took all measures to ensure that he was not found. What happened?

Most likely, given his testimony and the fact that all the other members of the “Parasyuk group” are at large, he can become a scapegoat for the murders on the Maidan. And this will help the authorities respond to claims of inaction in investigating the events of that period. However, no one canceled the amnesty, so it will not be possible to punish “in full”. Unless you change the article, which is also quite likely. Although in this case it will hardly be allowed to be “closed”.

But be that as it may, Lipovoy is a valuable witness to those events. In addition, his inglorious return to his homeland could give impetus to the investigation of the murders on the Maidan. If, of course, there is a political will for that.

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