“Battle” of the islands for the title of Covid-free

The Greek islands seem to have a distinct advantage given this year’s tourist season, which is expected to be particularly challenging but also critical for southern Europe.

As you can see, Greece significantly outperforms European destinations in the field of recreation and hospitality in a noble tourist rivalry, especially compared to Italy and Spain. According to the studies, the country offers tourists quite high parameters, according to which the assessment is being made today: the degree of protection (safety) and the quality of the services provided.

Due to the rapid pace of vaccination, as well as the official opening of tourism on May 15, our country is dynamically entering the arena of competition. It is noted that Italy announced the official opening of tourism from June 2, but with a slow recovery, while Spain has not yet made official statements.

The initial leadership of the Greek islands confirms the fact that the small islands have already completed vaccinations of the adult population, as a result of which they may appear on the list of attractive destinations, characterized as Covid-free. At the same time, horizontal vaccination started on all the islands of Greece from mid-April.

Meanwhile, in Samos, Naxos, Rhodes, Skopelos, Kos and Corfu, vaccination continues at an active pace. The international press is touting the Greek islands in every way as a safe and great holiday destination this summer. Thanks to an extensive advertising campaign, the islands of Astypalea, Lipsi and Patmos are presented as the most protected places.

Even Kastelorizo ​​is expected to become an “enviable” destination as it is recognized around the world. Elafonisos has the same profile: the percentage of vaccinated people reaches 70% of the total population of the island, and the journalistic group of the French News Agency describes its incomparable beauty and presents it in all web media worldwide.

For several days now, foreign media, including the British Guardian, Italy’s Corriere della Sera and the German magazine Der Spiegel, have been making a big contribution to the positioning of the Greek islands.

The advertising campaign runs under headlines such as “Sun and Sea with Covid-free.” Deutsche Welle in the article spoke about the “battle” between Crete and Mallorca, opposing the island of Kos Capri, and emphasizing that for most tourists summer has already begun …

Strategic difference between Greece and Italy

In Italy, unlike Greece, the small islands look especially attractive holiday destinations. However, the neighboring country was unable to continue the vaccination program, like Greece, that is, to fully vaccinate the inhabitants of its islands.

“We would be very happy if German tourists finally came to our island,” said the mayor of Capri Island in the 14,000 Gulf of Naples in an interview with Deutsche Welle. Recently, the mayor pointed out to the Italian media: in order to “save the summer tourist season, it is necessary to vaccinate all the inhabitants of the island as soon as possible.” In the second half of May, Italy will receive over 50 million vaccines. Only then can vaccination priorities be changed.

Mallorca trembles fearing to lose the battle to Crete

Hoteliers, restaurateurs and merchants in Mallorca are wary of looking pale against the backdrop of Crete’s vibrant tourist destinations. According to Deutsche Welle, the governments of Palma de Mallorca and Madrid do not seem to link the “vaccination campaign with the tourism program”, which puts them in “second place”.

The Balearic Islands tourism industry is urging authorities to vaccinate tourism workers as soon as possible as soon as vulnerable populations are vaccinated, seeing other travel destinations such as Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey pick up the pace under government leadership.

Despair in Turkey

As of Thursday April 29, Turkey has imposed tough isolation as a last resort to save tourism. Everything should be closed until May 17, and citizens cannot leave their homes without serious reasons. With this decision, President Erdogan seeks to reduce the number of cases in order to save the tourist season this year. If last week the number of infected people in the country exceeded 60,000, today about 43,000 cases are registered every day. This is a serious blow to tourism.

According to the largest travel giant TUI, Germans distrust Turkey despite cheap accommodation and additional services. And we decided to wait until the epidemiological situation improves.

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