Hackers “empty” bank accounts using SMS

Greek police are sounding the alarm as phone scams are becoming more common in the country and fraudsters are becoming more inventive.

Using a completely ordinary SMS, hackers convince unsuspecting citizens to change the codes of electronic banking. There was a case when 1000 euros were stolen from a woman’s account.

Increasingly, online criminals are sending SMS to unsuspecting citizens and convincing them to change their e-banking codes, because their card is blocked. At the same time, they attach a link by which they are asked to enter new codes.

Thus, the scammers gain access to the accounts of the victims and empty them. Their last victim was a woman from Ioannina, from whose bank account one thousand euros was debited.

The SMS published by ipeirotika.gr contains a fake bank website and a link provided by scammers wanted by the police. Be extremely careful and do not give your personal data to strangers, and even more so do not give codes from bank cards!

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