How to get on a plane to reduce your risk of contracting covid

American researchers have found that the risk of contracting coronavirus when boarding a liner depends on the order in which seats are filled. Scientists talk about this in their publication in the Royal Society Open Science.

Experts have come to the conclusion that it is safer to accidentally seat passengers. If you start filling the seats of the aircraft cabin from tail to nose, then the risk of infection increases.

Some American companies, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of passenger infection, have changed the traditional procedure and began to seat travelers, starting at the tail of the liner. They argued that in this way passengers do not pass by those who are already sitting. To verify this fact, scientists conducted special computer simulations, more than 16,000, of all possible movements of people in the cabin.

As it turned out, seating passengers, starting from the tail of the plane, increases the risk of infection by 50%. This is due to the fact that people congregate in the aisles in an effort to put carry-on luggage on the shelves at the same time. The same conclusion was confirmed earlier in relation to the Ebola virus. Another option allows you to reduce the risk of infection – to seat passengers first at the windows, and then in other seats. There is another way – not to place luggage on the shelves, which, regardless of the order in which the seats are filled, significantly reduces the risk of infection.

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