Exadaktylos: music contributes to coronavirus infection

The announcement of the ban on music in restaurants and taverns, which was announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardallas for the establishments opening on Easter Monday, caused shock and bewilderment in the society.

On social media, the official was asked many questions and wrote thousands of ironic, often obscene comments, describing the opinion regarding the choice of this measure, which, according to the authorities, has an epidemiological explanation.

President of the Panhellenic Medical Association Athanasios Exadaktylos, speaking on the air of the Open TV channel, explained that the Commission had made this proposal, taking into account that when screaming or loudly speaking, droplets transmitting the virus fly out of the interlocutor’s mouth.

“Loud music makes the audience speak loudly and get closer to each other, so infection will easily pass between them. There is no other reason why music is prohibited in the restaurant, ”he stressed. “Thus, the activities of public catering establishments will be safer. Otherwise, it will contribute to infection, ”he added.

The official stressed that there is a misunderstanding that the problem is already behind us: “It is not behind us. We are in a fragile process of improvement, stabilization, but not at the stage where we have overcome the problem and left everything behind. ”

Commentators on social networks asked Mr. Exadaktylos: “What if it is folk music (likes) that will play quietly in the corner? Or is it just ordinary quiet music? ”

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