Easter: how many people can gather at the festive table

The authorities have clarified how many citizens can gather on Easter Sunday at the festive table. The maximum limit varies depending on whether the feast will be held outdoors or indoors.

The maximum permissible limits for the concentration of citizens for “gathering in houses for the purpose of celebrating the holidays” was announced by Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardallas in the context of updated measures to protect against the spread of coronavirus. On Easter Sunday, up to 9 people will be allowed into the premises for the celebration. If the feast is outdoors, then the number of guests can be increased to 12.

In this case, it is recommended that everyone undergo self-diagnosis. To travel to their destination (on a visit) and back, citizens need to send an SMS message with code 6 to number 13033.

Starting tomorrow morning, inter-municipal movement within the regional unit will be allowed for a week, and the traffic ban will remain in effect until Easter Sunday from 22:00 to 5:00.

Starting on Easter Monday, the curfew will begin daily at 23:00, and cafes and restaurants that open on May 3 will close at 22:45 so that citizens can return home as quickly as possible (without violating the requirements).

In this case, a trip to a restaurant or cafe takes place by sending code 6 via SMS to 13033.

Music in restaurants will be banned.

The SMS will be canceled after the opening of traffic from one prefecture to another from May 15, as explained by Nikos Hardallas.

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