Georgian thieves: leader surgically removed fingerprints

Another active gang of thieves from Georgia was liquidated by Greek law enforcement agencies. Their leader, a 46-year-old man, was arrested and had his fingerprints removed by chemical means.

As part of the police operation, three men aged 32, 37 and 46 and their 24-year-old colleague, all citizens of Georgia, were arrested on Monday in the capital districts of Omonia and Kallithea by officers of the South-East Attica Police Department.

According to law enforcement agencies, the 46-year-old man, who occupied a leading position in the gang, underwent an operation to destroy the fingerprints on both hands (papillary pattern), as well as his left palm, so that he could calmly continue to carry out criminal activities without fear of being discovered. Nevertheless, all his efforts were in vain. The robber was identified and arrested.

According to the investigation, since February last year, members of the criminal group have committed burglary of houses located in various areas of Attica. The detainees, using three luxury SUVs, drove around the capital, looking for a house that could be robbed.

Having looked at the target, they watched the territory until they were convinced of the absence of the owners or service personnel. At hour “X” the intruders opened the front door and entered the dwelling. Thieves rowed whatever came to hand, but mostly money and jewelry became their prey.

When the police searched the houses where the criminals lived, a large number of locks, various types of keys and breaking tools were found, which suggests that thieves were constantly training in the ability to pick locks.

Some of the jewelry stolen by the gang was handed over to pawnshops, either directly by gang members or through their 24-year-old accomplice.

Extraction exceeds 200,000 euros

According to ΕΛΑΣ, a large number of jewelry, watches, sunglasses, bags, mobile phones, alarm deactivation devices, locks, receipts for money transfers and pawnshop transactions, an air pistol, three daggers, 334 tablets of a narcotic the amount of cocaine and cannabis as well as 435 euros in cash.

In total, the investigation has data on 7 cases of burglary. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the stolen goods exceeds 200,000 euros. Those arrested, against whom a criminal case was initiated, were brought before the Athens prosecutor.

Greek law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the case with the aim of fully establishing the scope of the criminal activities of Georgian citizens.

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