Self-assessment is mandatory in other sectors as well: which employees will be “next”

The compulsory self-examination introduced in educational institutions by the Greek authorities will be expanded. Mandatory self-tests for retailers, delivery workers, bus drivers and supermarket personnel are expected to be announced as soon as possible, today or no later than tomorrow.

The government is focused on applying the same tactics to the above categories, that is, to take on its responsibilities upon presenting a negative coronavirus test. However, it is not yet known how often self-tests will be carried out for specific groups of employees.

Authorities are looking at citizen self-diagnostics as a possible travel aid during Easter, with rigorous spot checks at toll road points.

With the opening of the tourism and catering industry in the first two weeks of May, self-testing is expected to become a weekly routine until early summer.

A similar model will be applied to workers in the field of tourism and catering before the opening of these sectors of the economy. In addition, great hopes are pinned on the early acquisition of herd immunity and vaccination.

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