Coronavirus: and yet a microchip …

The microchip, which is being developed by the Pentagon, is designed to detect the presence of coronavirus in the human body. According to scientists, it has nothing to do with control over citizens, according to the Daily Mail.

Heated discussions on the American socio-political television show “60 Minutes” caused a message about the unique development of Pentagon scientists. Research is focused on the early detection of Covid-19 in the body in the absence of symptoms. Another development of the military is no less unique – a filter capable of purifying the blood from the virus when connected to a dialysis machine.

Pentagon researchers work in a secret laboratory. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) team has reportedly been involved in epidemic prevention for years. The result was the invention of a microchip that is implanted under the skin. It accurately recognizes coronavirus infection by constantly monitoring the composition of the blood.

Officials attending the show argued that the invention of the microchip was in no way aimed at controlling a person. After a virus is detected, a special filter developed in the same laboratory will help remove the virus from the blood. To do this, you just need to connect the patient to a dialysis machine.

Matt Hepburn, retired colonel, epidemiologist and head of DARPA pandemic research, even showed what the invention looks like – it resembles a jelly-like substance:

You put it under your skin and it tells you that chemical reactions are taking place in the body, and this signal means that you will have symptoms tomorrow. Information can be obtained in 3-5 minutes.

Hepburn also explained the principle of the special filter: it is attached to the dialysis machine and removes the coronavirus from the blood. As an example, he cited the case history “Patient 16”. This is the wife of a military man who was being treated in intensive care for multiple organ failure. The four days of treatment resulted in her complete recovery.

Matt Hepburn says the filter has already saved 300 patients. So far, the FDA only allows it to be used in emergency situations.

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