Coronavirus: easing quarantine in Europe

Euronews reports on easing quarantine measures in European countries.

Britain begins easing restrictive measures, which will take place in two stages. Shops and hairdressers, gyms and zoos, bars and public parks will open next Monday. Some restrictions have not yet been fully removed. For example, visits to relatives in nursing homes will be allowed, but only for 2 visitors at the same time. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges:

We cannot calm down. We see a wave of infections sweeping other countries, we see what all this leads to. We still don’t know how effective the post-vaccination protection will be when the vaccinated must face a new wave of infections. I fear the disease will not recede so soon, so I urge you to please get yourself vaccinated or take a second dose of the vaccine when your turn comes. And please use the opportunity to get free tests even if you don’t have any symptoms.

Secondary schools are opening in Portugal, students are returning to classes. After a two-month hard quarantine, cafes with outdoor services and museums are opening. In restaurants, there are restrictions on the number of guests at one table – no more than four.

Gradual exit from strict quarantine announced by the Greek government. Shops, small and medium-sized businesses have opened in some areas since Monday, and you can practice individual sports, including surfing. Restrictive measures are still partially in effect: wearing a mask and maintaining a distance in stores are mandatory, at the rate of 1 visitor per 25 sq. meters. And yet, people rejoice even at the initial manifestations of the weakening of quarantine:

We stayed at home for so long and it’s okay that everyone wants to go out and relax and have fun. Now everything seems to be going for the better.

The Greek authorities, however, warned that, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, the prescriptions will be reviewed every two weeks – in one direction or another. However, the tourist season seems to start on the promised date – May 14th. At least so tourism minister promises Greece Haris Theocharis.

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