Can citizens replace the AstraZeneca vaccine with another drug

Several citizens have asked to replace vaccination with AstraZeneca with another, according to a statement from the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association.

Some citizens are skeptical about the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine due to cases of thrombosis, so they are attempting to replace a specific coronavirus vaccine with another, according to a statement from the All-Greek Pharmaceutical Association. According to the association, there is no possibility of replacing the drug in the system.

Announcement of the Pan-Hellenic Pharmaceutical Association
In particular, it is clarified that the covid-19 vaccination software platform does not allow changing the vaccine. The association urges citizens not to go to pharmacies to replace the vaccine. “Since it has been observed that many citizens come to pharmacies after they have planned vaccinations to replace the vaccine chosen by the system, the Pan-Hellenic Pharmaceutical Association explains that the COVID-19 vaccination planning platform does not allow this to be done,” says the announcement.

Themistocleus on AstraZeneca: don’t worry about the vaccine
Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistokleous, on ANT1 this morning, commented on the concerns of citizens over some episodes of thrombosis from the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“According to European countries, there is no cause for concern about the AstraZeneca vaccine. The incidence of thrombosis is 1 in 346,000. Since all drugs have side effects, the AstraZeneca vaccine also has side effects. But they are negligible, ”he said.

The expert noted that all coronavirus vaccines are evaluated daily. “Everything has been proven to be safe and completely effective,” said the specialist.

At the same time, Mr Themistocleous said it is still not clear whether a second or third vaccine will be needed in the fall, as the research results are encouraging. He explained that those who accidentally got sick, despite being vaccinated, had a very low viral load (the disease was mild).

As for the supply of vaccines to our country, the expert replied that the companies confirmed the application for May and June, and Johnson & Johnson is joining the process. Several batches of the vaccine are expected to arrive in Greece from the end of April. “It is expected that 300,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available in Greece in May and 960,000 in June,” said Mr Themistocleous.

Regarding self-examination, he described them as an important auxiliary tool for returning to normal life. “They are helping to identify cases and tame the pandemic. This is a very simple process, citizens will not have any difficulties using the self test, ”the specialist concluded.

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