Expert: Vaccinated Can Transmit Covid-19

“Between 10% and 25% of those vaccinated are likely to transmit Covid-19. Therefore, until society acquires herd immunity, we must continue to wear masks,” says Professor Elias Mosialos of The London School of Economics and Political Science …

“We know that those who have been vaccinated are protected from the virus and that the vaccine itself does not transmit the virus. However, we do not know for sure whether it prevents infection in case of contact (…). The vaccine will protect us, but perhaps some of the virus that is “stuck” inside us will remain. We ourselves are not at risk if we are vaccinated. But since the virus remains in our mouth and nose, without threatening us if we cough or speak loudly, the viral load can be transmitted from us to, for example, our interlocutor or the person standing next to us in line at the supermarket. If he is not vaccinated and has not had the coronavirus, then, with some degree of probability, he may get sick. “

How likely is it?

According to, Mr. Mosialos notes: “Through ongoing research, we know this is unlikely, although possible. Some examples are listed in the table below. In other words, based on data from different countries, we see that coronavirus vaccines reduce the risk of asymptomatic infection by 75%.

Asymptomatic infection is a parameter that is constantly being studied. Still, it is likely that vaccinated people in most cases cannot contribute to the transmission of the virus (according to Ct values ​​from samples taken from the nose of vaccinated people during research). However, 10-25% of those vaccinated can transmit the disease. Therefore, we say that until society has acquired collective immunity, we must continue to wear masks. “

The professor gives an example: “If there are four friends in the house, and they are all vaccinated, then they do not need to wear a mask. Because the vaccine protects them all. But if, for example, one of them has immunosuppression (low immunity or problems with it), then everyone should wear a mask. Because the effectiveness of vaccines is not so high for people with weakened immune systems. “

As Mr. Mosialos concludes, “until we finally know if vaccinated people can carry the virus, we need to carefully observe protective measures.”

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