Russian Athens now has a page in English.

Thanks to new technologies from the Google Cloud Translate service, we were able to implement a high-quality translation of our content from Russian into English. According to the assessments of native speakers, the text turned out to be of quite high quality, at least much better than in the usual google translate. The new site is on our subdomain and from this afternoon “went on the air” in full. At the same time, according to google analytics, it was visited by more than 100 visitors in the first hour. Dear readers, please invite and recommend our new resource to your English-speaking friends and colleagues. By the way, you can already subscribe to announcements on the social network. facebook & twitterto receive announcements for our newsletter. But that’s not all, in the near future we plan to make similar projects in at least 5 more languages, which will further expand the scope of our publications. Best regards Pavel Onoiko, editor-in-chief of Russian Athens.

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