July 24, 2024

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270 kg of hookah tobacco confiscated

Almost 270 kg of contraband hookah tobacco were found and confiscated by the police in a warehouse located in the basement of the Dioikitirio district of Thessaloniki. At the same time, three Syrian citizens were arrested.

Operational actions were carried out on April 1 by local law enforcement agencies, immediately after they received information that tobacco products were illegally imported and sold in Greece. At the same time, the anonymous person indicated the exact place of storage.

The operation was carried out with lightning speed when two persons, aged 18 and 25, arrived at the warehouse to receive some amount of hookah tobacco from the 21-year-old tenant of the premises. All three were caught red-handed at the crime scene.

The seller was found to have an amount of 2,850 euros received as a result of illegal activities. As it was established, the illegal goods were packaged in containers (one kilogram in each), and there was no obligatory excise tape on the packages.

Those arrested were taken to the prosecutor’s office.

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