Russia: how the body of alcoholics reacts to the vaccine against COVID-19

RAS Academician Alexander Gintsburg tells Izvestia why Sputnik V and other vaccines are ineffective for drug addicts and alcoholics.

In an interview Russian edition The head of the Gamaleya Center explained the low effectiveness of vaccines against coronavirus in alcohol abusers by the fact that when the level of ethyl alcohol in the blood is only 1%, the immune system fails. As you know, for the production of antibodies in the body, cells must divide. But the process stops because of the alcohol content in the blood. Alexander Gunzburg explains:

“I once figured, while shaving in front of the mirror in the morning, that 1% is one and a half glasses of vodka a day. Not so much for Russia. But it turns out that such a volume is toxic to cells. At this level of ethyl alcohol, the cells of the immune system stop dividing. The same thing happens due to the constant use of drugs. However, patients who drink cytostatics (a group of anticancer drugs), that is, are in the active stage of cancer treatment, are still under attack. These drugs suppress the division of their cancer cells, as well as all others. “

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