Farewell, avocado. Hello Ecovado!

“Invented” an alternative product designed to compete with avocados. Arina Shokokhi, a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins, has invented an alternative to avocado called Ecovado, which aims to reduce dependence on fruit imports. It is a green (of course) creamy textured flesh made from a variety of local produce and served in a waxy […]

Salvation is in cabbage

An anti-cancer, digestive, winter vegetable available for everyone is … cabbage! White cabbage, a humble winter vegetable from the same family as cauliflower, and broccoli are a nutritious treasure for young and old alike, a necessary addition to our daily diet. Thanks to its valuable ingredients, it provides seven health benefits: 1. Possesses antioxidant and […]

No appetite in the heat? The doctor gave recommendations on how to optimize the summer menu

In the heat, it is difficult to figure out what to cook for lunch or order for dinner – there is absolutely no appetite. Nutritionist Sergey Oblozhko advises eating seafood and tomatoes during this period. RIA Novosti tells about the details, referring to an interview with a radio specialist Sputnik. Sweating in the heat, the […]

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