Boiled vegetables – heat treatment increases their value

Heat treatment increases the value for the body of many simple and affordable vegetables, says the nutritionist.

Margarita Koroleva – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the FMBA of Russia, nutritionist and head of the Margarita Koroleva Clinic. She tells how to make vegetables more healthy – some just boil.

The nutritionist recommends eating boiled carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes – after heat treatment, useful components are activated in these vegetables:

“Heat treatment will activate lycopene in the composition of tomatoes and red peppers, improve the process of its assimilation. Lycopene is a great antioxidant. It is important for tissue health, for maintaining good blood condition, and also for men’s health. Part of the fat-soluble vitamins in some vegetables also becomes more active after heat treatment. For example, vitamin A is better absorbed from boiled carrots than from raw ones.

The Queen draws attention to the fact that some raw vegetables are simply dangerous, as they contain toxins. This applies, for example, to broccoli and beets:

“The accumulated sulforaphane (a substance that has anti-carcinogenic and bactericidal effects) in the composition of broccoli can sometimes have a toxic effect on the body.”

The expert explained that in case of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, raw vegetables are harmful due to coarse dietary fiber, which prevents good absorption by the body:

“Rough dietary fiber can be harmful in pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. And in a dilapidated state, dietary fiber will be more easily processed by enzymes and absorbed by the body.

However, the nutritionist reminds that it is necessary to cook vegetables in a gentle manner, avoiding the complete destruction of plant fibers:

“Heat treatment should be gentle, because during deep processing, plant fibers are destroyed and products such as the same beets and carrots acquire a high glycemic index.”

The professor clarifies that gentle cooking means boiling vegetables for no more than 2-3 minutes. It is also possible to heat treat at a temperature of 60–70 degrees or convection grill on the shortest possible program, two minutes on each side, or use a double boiler-multicooker – no more than five minutes at 80–90 degrees. Eating raw greens will help saturate the body with a wide range of nutrients. “News”.

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