Mitsotakis – unemployed: "You do not have a job because you do not have qualifications and skills"

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the unemployed, calling them “professional unemployed”, arguing that “they do not find work because they lack the appropriate basic qualifications and skills.” Speaking in parliament in defense of the new bill “Jobs Again” (“Δουλειές Ξανά”), the prime minister blamed the lack of work on the unemployed, and not on low […]

Greece: Unemployment down 4.4%, wages up

Encouraging data on the labor market, unemployment and wages came from ELSTATaccording to the Ministry of Labor. In particular, according to ELSTAT, unemployment “has decreased by 4.4 percentage points since the ND came to power in the country. (from 17.2% when SYRIZA was defeated in the 2019 elections to 12.8% in January 2022).” Basic data […]

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