Twitter is on the warpath with disinformation about Ukraine

Twitter, in its fight against disinformation, will prioritize tagging misleading tweets from high profile accounts. The company announced yesterday that it will place warning labels on any inaccurate content about the war in Ukraine and will limit the dissemination of claims that are refuted by humanitarian organizations or other credible sources. Measures to step up […]

The reason for the large-scale failure of Facebook is named

The configuration changes to the backbone routers, a team of engineers at Facebook said in a statement, caused a global social outage lasting nearly 7 hours: “The configuration changes in the backbone routers, which are responsible for coordinating network traffic between our datacenters, resulted in issues that interrupted communications. services have stopped working. “ Facebook […]

Pedophiles sneaked into TikTok

The dangers of social networks were analyzed by the director of the prosecutor’s office for cybercrimes Vasilis Papakostas, highlighting Tik Tok. The police director sounded the alarm warning parents in a speech on Action24 that “TikTok is a pedophile attraction.” “The Greek Cyber ​​Police is constantly updating its staff, and they are trained in Greece […]

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