July 22, 2024

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TikTok is now banned in the US Congress

Following the Senate, the House of Representatives of the US Congress also imposed a ban on the use of the popular TikTok application on work devices.

As informs Reuters, in a note sent to all lawmakers and House staff on Tuesday, noted: “TikTok carries a high risk due to a number of security issues,” and it should be removed from all devices administered by the House. It is clarified that everyone who has this application on their devices will receive a request to remove it, and downloading it in the future will be prohibited.

The ban comes under the $1.66 trillion 2023 budget bill passed last week. The bill includes a provision to ban apps like TikTok on devices controlled by the federal government. An administration official explained to Reuters:

“Following the passage of budgetary legislation that bans TikTok on executive devices, the administration has worked with the House Administration Committee to implement this policy for the House.”

Earlier, our publication wrote that in the United States offer to block social networks associated with Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. The relevant bills were submitted by members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. TikTok is on the list of social networks that have fallen out of favor. The main goal of the new bills is to block access to programs that are theoretically capable of transferring US user data to repressive governments, censoring news or otherwise manipulating the public.

Already, 19 US states have partially blocked TikTok for government devices, Reuters reckoned, over fears the Chinese government could use it to track Americans and censor content.

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