Retail price increase by 10% is coming

An increase in retail prices for products is inevitable, said Antonis Makris, president of the Association of Retailers (ΣΕΛΠΕ). “We live in a difficult situation. It does not depend on us,” he said. “If tomorrow morning food companies only need to equalize prices (rather than win, make a profit) because of the rising cost of […]

Arkas: hello, high cost

The famous cartoonist “Arkas” once again makes fun of the problem of rising prices. Once again, Arkas uses visual arts to comment on high prices in his own unique way. The main characters of the sketch are the famous elderly couple who love and hate each other all their lives, Napoleon and Asimina. During the […]

Increase in prices for essential goods by 10-15%

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis advised citizens to remain calm in his speech on ERT1, keeping in mind the expected wave of price increases: “Since the global price increase for everything and everyone, from electricity tariffs to raw materials, will ultimately increase the total cost of goods and products. This is a phenomenon faced by all […]

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