Miami: controlled explosion demolished the surviving part of the collapsed house (video)

The collapse of a house in Miami led to the death of 24 people, 121 are still missing. Due to the expected Hurricane Elsa tomorrow, the authorities decided to demolish the remaining part of the building. An impending tropical storm in Florida forced rescuers to stop searching for people left under the rubble on Saturday […]

Miami: body of 21-year-old immigrant from Greece was found during the analysis of the rubble of the collapsed house

A student who came to visit a friend, 21-year-old Greek √©migr√© Andreas Yannitsopoulos, died in the collapse of an apartment building in Miami. The young man studied at Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee) and came on vacation, staying with his godfather. His death is confirmed. His mother Tina Yiannitsopoulos says bitterly: My son was one […]

Miami: 99 people missing

According to official figures, one person died, dozens went missing after collapse of a 12-storey building in Florida, it housed 130 apartments, half in the collapsed section of the building. Charles Burkett, Mayor of Surfside, says: “The house literally flattened, it collapsed. And where there was a distance of three meters between the floors, less […]

USA: under the rubble of a collapsed high-rise building looking for survivors

An apartment building collapsed tonight in the US state of Florida, near Miami, at the intersection of 88th Street and Collins Avenue in the coastal town of Safside. There are people under the rubble. Rescuers are looking for survivors and hope the death toll will be low as the holiday season ends. However, the authorities […]

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