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Miami: controlled explosion demolished the surviving part of the collapsed house (video)

The collapse of a house in Miami led to the death of 24 people, 121 are still missing. Due to the expected Hurricane Elsa tomorrow, the authorities decided to demolish the remaining part of the building.

An impending tropical storm in Florida forced rescuers to stop searching for people left under the rubble on Saturday to prepare the Surfside building for demolition, AFP reported. The fate of another 121 people remains in question, the authorities plan to resume the search for the bodies at a later date.

A controlled explosion of part of the Champlain Towers South residential complex was broadcast live on American television channels at 22:30 local time.

Danielle Levin Kawa, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, said on the eve of the explosion:

“Demolition will be limited to the nearest building perimeter. This will cause the spread of dust and other particles that are the inevitable consequence of this demolition, so we urge residents of neighboring buildings to stay indoors as a precaution. ”

Authorities feared, Reuters reported, that the remainder of the building could collapse. Fears for the safety of rescuers grew with each passing day and intensified with the approach of a tropical storm. Search and rescue teams worked under the rubble, exploring the rubble in search of survivors. Search cameras and sonars, specially trained dogs were used. But, according to the rescuer, it was a “slow and methodical” process due to the risk of moving rubble.

The reasons tragedies have not yet been established. The residential complex Champlain Towers was built right on the ocean coast 40 years ago. Opposite him – the beaches of Miami Beach. The house has more than 100 apartments, including those for rent.

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